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While the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerability and inequality experienced by many people in our communities, it has also demonstrated the potential for major and swift changes to reframe the purposes of our economy and our society.

In true Transition form our vision is not to ‘bounce back’ to how things were before. Transition groups have been crafting a vision of a better future for over a decade, that speaks to the needs for community resilience and a sustainable society with a focus on caring. So instead of bouncing back, we invite you to join with us to bounce forward.

From September 2020 to April 2021, with the kind support of the National Lottery Community Fund our Transition Bounce Forward project has run an exciting range of interventions and initiatives.

Webinar Series: In Autumn 2020 we ran our first webinar series exploring  What Is? the situation and context we find ourselves in now and What If? how to use the power of imagination and collective visioning to unlock ideas and potential in ourselves and the wider community.

Seed funding: We also gave out seed funding to 112 Transition Groups across England to enable them to bounce forward from Covid-19 and create an impact in their communities.

The What Next Summit: In March 2021 we explored the question What Next? through our exciting What Next? Summit. Over the course of 3 weeks, 2,000 community activists came together to participate in over 50 different workshops and to listen to 70 speakers and take part in a mesmerising multiplicity of conversations about positive changes in our communities. You can find recordings of all the sessions on our YouTube Channel here.

During the summit we teamed up with Losing Control to create an exciting new online space, where Transition Network members and a whole host of interesting organisations building community power in the UK could to connect, share and build relationships. Conversations, events and networking are continuing on this site post summit. Sign up and join us here.

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Did you know there is a great organisation working with children and teachers on personal resilience called Bounce Forward?  check them out here:

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