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What if questions webinar flyer

18th Nov: The Power of Asking Good What If questions webinar – FREE

To inspire you for the Transition: Bounce Forward project’s What Is – What If – What Next visioning exercise, you are invited to an online webinar to join Rob Hopkins and guests to explore what it is that makes a really good What If question, that you could use as part of the new visioning exercise we have developed for Transition groups.

In Rob’s latest book, ‘From What Is to What If’, he explores why a rapid expansion of our collective imagination could be vital in our ability to creatively address the immense challenges we face now and in the future, and the ability to ask really good What If questions is a key part of that.

In order to give you a sense of what the asking of great What If questions looks like in practice, he will be joined by:

Phil Frodsham of Transition New Mills, who ran a great community ‘What If’ exercise with his community just before lockdown. You can read their 2030 New Mills Vision here:

Megan O’Malley who, inspired by ‘What If’ developed an amazing programme of work with students in the primary school she teaches at in Melbourne, Australia, watch their short film about the process here:

Ruth Ben Tovim, formerly of Encounters Arts, and amazing community arts practitioner, who will share what makes a good what if question. Read more about encounters arts here:

The discussion will be interspersed with audio clips from Rob’s ‘From What If to What Next’ podcast, in which guests share their snapshots from a future in which those What If questions have become a reality. There will also be time for discussion and conversation. Find out more about the podcast here:

Our aim is to inspire you with the potential and power of a good What If question, which will deepen and enrich your understanding of the new What If exercise.

Do join us.

Book ticket here: