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Open Space Sessions

Summit Fringe Open Space – Sessions offered by you, for you

Welcome to the Summit Fringe Open Space! On Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th March from 10am to 9pm, we have created space for you to offer sessions. These could be about pre-prepared sessions from your community activism, presentations, workshops, skillshares or conversations based on curiosity from the Summit so far.

Follow this link to the live timetable in which you will find title, description, video conferencing link and duration next to the start time. Please be aware to move around the spreadsheet to see all sessions and that there are 2 tabs in the bottom left hand corner – one for 17th March and one for 18th March.

Would you like to offer a session?

Please complete this google form

In the form we’ll be asking you the basics about your session, including title, 100 word description, start time and duration. We’ll also be asking you to organise an online video conferencing space, such as zoom, so the power to run sessions is all yours.

The google form will send you an editable link, so you can go in and change it later, should your idea develop or a timeslot get busy.

Like open space, the people who come are the right people for that conversation, in that moment. So whoever comes, embrace every moment of your time together, who knows where it might lead.

Finally, sessions are facilitated by you, so look after each other and bring back the learning to the Summit audience on Nudj.

You can find Open Space FAQs by following this link.