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Seedfunding FAQ

Seed funding now closed.

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions on Transition: Bounce Forward Seedfunding. These questions have come from Transitioners engaging with the seedfunding process, so really hope they are useful:

Q. Are we asking for paragraphs on each of the criteria, or paragraphs on each of the Transition Principles?

Nicola: We’re after a paragraph on each question rather than an essay on each principle, keep it succinct and to the point, and on the Transition Principles, see which ones your project really speaks to or can be positively challenged by and write a sentence or two about that.

Q. – Just wanted to raise the issue that some banks charity accounts can have more than one signatory but does not require two signatories on cheques. Have you considered what you expect Transition Towns with these charity accounts to do?

Nicola: This is perfect, if the bank account has more than one signatory that works for us.

Q. For the micro grant application, what level of detail around costings are you expecting (quotes or estimates?)

Richard: No quoting is necessary for the micro grants, in fact, we need very little detail – just outline broad chunks of the budget, for example – garden tools – £200 or Facilitator fees – £300 for 2 days or Zoom account license – £180.

Q. Our group is currently receiving Lottery funding for a project. Can we still apply to your fund for a different piece of work?

Richard: Yes you can!

Q. Can we use the money to cover people’s time – or is it restricted to ‘capital’ spending on stuff?

Richard: Yes you can!

Q. Are funding applications restricted to the Transition group applying, or can applications support a joined up approach to projects with other organisations in the community?

Richard: We encourage application to support collaborations with other organisations in your community, that would be fantastic.